Markal products

When it comes to handheld marking devices, Markal is simply king. They have been a global player when it comes to industrial marking tools providing many industries some of the world’s toughest markers that can write on the roughest surfaces imaginable. Whether it be for metal working, car assembly, welding or something that can last on a rusy freight for over a decade, Markal has the right marker for you. Some of the world’s greatest infrastructures have been built using Markal markers in the process. They’re tough, dependable and long lasting, you write on virtually anything with Markal.

Markal Products

Markal has a wide range of products for a vast ray of industrial uses which can be easily appropriated for your creative needs. The main characteristic shared by all Markal products is their high quality which is designed for some of the most demanding of surfaces and situations. Whether it’s the classic Markal B Pain Stik or any other marker, you can count on Markal to give you a product that can provide the type quality required by some of the world’s most demanding industries. What’s good for bridge builders is more than good for graffiti writers and this has been the case since way before modern day graffiti was even a thing.

Bombing Science Markal Shop

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with the Markal B Paint Stik. It can write in temperatures as low as -50°F and as high as 150°F. It can write on virtually on any surface and once it dries, good luck trying to get that off without a huge battle. The Markal B Paint Stik comes in nine colors, fits in any size pocket and cost about as much as a bottle of branded water. Get your favorite Paint Skik right here at the Bombing Science Markal store.