Junobo products

From the city of the original handsyle, Junobo paint has a consistency and vividness like no other ink or paint in the game. Their one of a kind mixture really sets them apart from other brands. Over the years, many have tried to imitate but few have ever come close to Jonobo’s feel and quality. This is why after so many years; Junobo is still making high quality graffiti products in smaller more artisanal batches, like they did back in the day. Their secret recipe allows full control from super clean lines to smooth drippy strokes that elegantly run nice and slow on most surfaces. There’s nothing like Junobo.

Junobo Products

When you hit a Junobo paint mop for the first time, it’s an experience like no other. The unique consistency of their very bright and vivid paint is simply unmatched. There are many different mops out there and a lot of them are amazing in their own right but none are exactly like the Junobos. It’s kind of like tagging with slightly melted butter. The squeezer is also different giving it that extra special touch that sets it apart. Junobo mops come in nine eye popping colors which are also available in 4oz refill bottles.

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Bombing Science Junobo Shop

Welcome to the Bombing Science Junobo store where you will find your all your favorite Junobo products. Fill your markers and mops with their amazing paint or grab one of their ready to rock mops and witness the power of the Junobo experience firsthand. Nothing but five star reviews from the public, it is clear that Junobo is in its own category when it comes to paint markers. The 2oz mops, 4oz refills and Jubobo Scrawlers in all colors available right here at the Bombing Science Junobo shop!