What takes time to make, time respects. Grog has been perfecting their formulas and applications for way over a decade and the hard work shows in every single one of their numerous products. The Italian company has always been driven by the love for graffiti, particularly handstyles for which they have developed different markers and mops we today deem classics. From their legendary Buff Proof ink to their refined Full Metal Paint, Grog is known to for having the public straight goods, no gimmicks. After so many years, they are still a favorite amongst the hands of many who have experienced the joys of using Grog products.

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Grog Products

Grog sticks to the roots of the art of handstyles. They concentrate on the essentials and work on that basic foundation, constantly perfecting their tools to give writers the ultimate writing experience. Whether it’s their FMP or the BPI squeezer mops, the different Cutters markers, there is a style and size to suit any tag banger on the block. Only Gorg offers you something as potent as the Street Killer Ink then gives you an option to throw in some Booster Powder for an unstoppable buff proof formula. Even the roughest of surfaces get touched with the Metal head. With Grog there is nothing you can’t write on.

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Bombing Science Grog Shop

You already know we hold the world’s best graffiti supplies and our store would not be official without an official Grog Shop. Bombing Science provides you with all the Grog products available at our Grog store. Here is where you will find all the products Grog has to offer. We got it all from the Squeezer Mini 05 FMP to the BPI Squeezer 25 and everything in between. Make sure to stock up on paint and ink refill bottles as well as the mighty Booster powder to give your inks that extra hardcore kick right here at the Grog shop.