Flame products

Flame was carefully crafted by the mad graffiti scientist in the secret Molotow labs located along the Germanic Black forest. The mission was to create an unstoppable duo that can fulfill the wildest visions of the most daring writers worldwide, without major compromises. The solution was Flame Blue and Flame Orange. A low pressure and a high pressure counterpart that pack opaque and extremely vivid colors in a slickly designed can which is known to deliver dependable consistency throughout the gamut. You no longer have to settle for less by paying less. With Flame, you get top quality Euro paint in more than a hundred punchy colors for the low.

Flame Products

Flame paint comes in two varieties: Flame Blue and Flame Orange. Each one designed for a different style of painting. Flame Blue which holds 108 low odor, matt finish colors, allows you to have maximum can control with its low pressure and variable valve system. Flame Orange is another type of beast providing high coverage, high pressure output for fast and effective action for the in-and-out crowd. Both lines are compatible and come with highly opaque acrylic paint. It’s made in Europe and it’s made proper and the best part is that it also comes at the great price.

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Bombing Science Flame Shop

Bombing Science is your official Flame store, and have been happy to provide the community since the day the cans dropped in North America. Flame is a bulletproof line of spray paint with very few compromises if any and this is why it is one of our post popular brands and best sellers. The community knows what’s up and the five star reviews are a testament to the people’s top choice. Whether you need something precise for a burner or something with fast action and savage coverage, Flame has your back.